Arabic Club

Arabic Club at Curtin University Dubai

Welcome to the Arabic Club at Curtin University Dubai! Our club offers a unique opportunity to explore the language and culture of the Arab world. We host weekly sessions where members can practice their Arabic language skills, engage in cultural activities, and socialize with other members. Our events include Arabic language discussions, traditional Arabic music and dance performances, cultural festivals, and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, our club provides a supportive and engaging environment for all members to learn and appreciate the richness of Arabic culture. Come join us and discover the beauty and depth of the Arabic language and culture!

Level 1: Learn the Basics

Choose this category if you are new to Arabic. You will be introduced to the Arabic alphabet and its sounds first before teaching you the basics of reading. Members will be able to read Arabic fluently with symbols. 

Level 2: Improve and Advance

Choose this category if you already know what will be covered in Level 1. Here you will be taught about Arabic grammar first – starting from the types of words in Arabic all the way to sentence structure. Members will be able to construct sentences free of any grammatical errors.

Upcoming Events

Arabic beginners

Day/Time: Monday – 4pm
About the Event: Recap of the symbol for ‘sukoon’ and ‘tanween’. Plus, practice on ‘shadda’.

Arabic advanced

Day/time: Saturday – 1pm
About the Event: Recap of the four properties of ism. Introduction of the ‘idafah’ fragment and the overall concept of fragments.

Speaking Arabic

Day/time: Saturday – 2pm
About the Event: Learning the basics of conversing in Arabic (greetings etc.).

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