Curtin Experience

Your university experience is unique to you. This is why it’s important that you make the most of the opportunities provided to you, and get the best student experience. There are a number of clubs and associations that you can be a part of, in addition to the fun off campus and on campus activities that take place throughout the year.

O Week

Orientation Week is designed to help you get the best start you can, as you begin your journey at Curtin Dubai.

Curtin’s orientation week is held three times a year at the start of the trimester, and is a great way to help familiarize yourself with the campus. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other students, make new friends, speak with your professors, discover our social networks and more.

At Curtin, we believe in fostering creativity. This is why we have a broad range of social clubs to cater to the interests of our growing and diverse student population. Some of the fun and unique clubs we have on campus include the Tech Club and the Arabic 101 Club to name a few. Our social clubs tend to participate in various inter–university competitions across the year.

If you are still unable to find a club that interests you, then you can contact the Student Experience Team to start your own social club.

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Students at Curtin Dubai

Student Council

The student council represents the interests of the student community at Curtin Dubai. The officer bearers are students from different disciplines and levels of study to ensure that the interests of all student groups are well represented. The new council is elected every September, with possible openings arising every trimester for certain positions.

There are a number of sports clubs available at Curtin Dubai that you can try out during the weekly training sessions. Transport is provided to certain drop–off points, post-training sessions. Contact your Student Experience Team to know more.

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Giving back to the community

Our active student volunteers and student council organize fundraisers and donation drives each semester for worthy causes. We have partnered with the Al Jalila Foundation in the U.A.E for numerous events to raise funds. If you have an idea or know a charitable organization that needs volunteers, you can reach out to us.

Curtin's recreational experience

Students at Curtin Dubai have access to a multipurpose room to hang out with friends or make new ones. The room is well equipped with fooseball tables, billiards, table tennis and an air hockey table. There is also a broad of range of board games that you can choose from.

Dining on campus

There are over 500 restaurants in and around Dubai International Academic City, most of which have delivery services. 


There are over 1000 free parking spaces located in Dubai International Academic City, overlooking the campus.

Safety and security

Located in one of the safest cities in the world, Curtin Dubai has a 24 hour security team and surveillance system to ensure your safety. 

Dubai International Academic City

DIAC Code of Conduct

As the Curtin Dubai main campus is located in Dubai International Academic City, all students and staff are required to follow the DIAC Code of Conduct. 

On campus IT services

The campus is well equipped with high-speed internet, IT labs, and computers in the library to help you work on your assignments. 

Printing services

Printing facilities are available on as well as off campus: As a student of Curtin Dubai, you receive 50 complimentary printing credit points to use on campus at the start of each trimester. 

Sandi Nkala

Former Student Council President

I particularly loved being able to play a role in improving the well-being of students on campus in the form of various stress-relieving activities like kayaking and painting!

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