Social Clubs & Associations


Student-led clubs are an integral part of the University experience at Curtin. Participation in extracurricular activities enriches the academic experience, by allowing students to pursue their personal interests beyond the classroom. Regardless of where your interests lie, there is a club for everyone. If you can’t find it, you can even start your own club at Curtin Dubai. 

Tech Club

The Tech club aims at providing an enriching experience for IT and Engineering enthusiasts. Members can take part in workshops, international competitions, and events in the field of technology. 

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Arabic Club

The Arabic Club was introduced to help students improve their communication skills in the local language of the U.A.E. while making it a fun experience. Start your Arabic journey today!

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The Writing Club provides a platform where students can grow their skills and share their literary work. This is an amazing opportunity to be featured through the University’s support. 

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Culinary Club

Are you a food enthusiast? or are you looking to improve your culinary skills and share some recipes? Meet a community of like-minded people and create your own specialties. 

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"4o1" ( CTF Club )

4o1 is Curtin Dubai’s Capture-The-Flag (CTF) club, meant for cybersecurity enthusiasts. Capture-The-Flag events are cybersecurity competitions that are composed of challenges in various related categories, where completion of a challenge is awarded with a “flag”, and the aim is to collect as many flags as possible. 

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Gamers Club

A place to relax and have fun, Make new friends and escape the stress of studying

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Creative Arts Club

Explore your passion or pick up a hobby in dance, music, drawing, painting, poetry, fashion designing, and more.

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Book Club

Book club is a way to bring students together and foster a love of reading and critical thinking. They are responsible for choosing the books to be read, coordinating meeting times and locations, and facilitating discussions during meetings.

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Sustainability and Comunity Service Club

Sustainability is a global issue that needs to be addressed now, rather than later. Are you passionate about the environment and starting a sustainable journey? If yes, then this is the club for you.

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French Club

Learning another language can be seen as hard at times but with a little effort and consistency, anyone can do it!! French is a fun filled and enjoyable language to learn, it has many uses and is one of the most desirable languages!! Learning another language can only help!!

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Dance Club

The Dance Club’s objective is to teach dance forms from many ethnic origins, including modern and hip-hop.  This club also encourages students to get active and boost their level of engagement with others. You only need to be committed to learning how to dance; no prior dance experience is necessary!

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Podcast Club

The Curtin Dubai Podcast Club is the ultimate behind-the-scenes pass to the exciting student life at Curtin University! Our student-run podcast show takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of university life, giving future students a glimpse of what to expect and proving that uni life is a wild ride full of fun and adventure. 

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Debate Club

Do you enjoy public speaking or have a strong option on topics? This is your chance to structure your arguments and support them in a friendly and fun environment!! If you enjoy discussing your and others opinions, this is the place for you!!

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Music Club

Know how to play an instrument and enjoy playing them? Why not join this club filled with fun filled individual like yourself?! This is your chance at joining a band or even participating in music competitions!! Show case your skill and talents and join the music club!!

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Board Games Club

The board games club was introduced with the aim to encourage students to destress and take time out to unwind on a regular basis while playing their favorite board game.

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Couldn't find a club you were interested in?


No, problem. We can help you start your own club! We accept applications throughout the academic year, however, new club launches are subject to approval from the CurtinLife team and generally get introduced during the following trimester upon submitting the application. Fill out the form below. Please use your Curtin student email to sign up for clubs.