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Do you enjoy public speaking or have a strong option on topics? This is your chance to structure your arguments and support them in a friendly and fun environment!! If you enjoy discussing your and others opinions, this is the place for you!!

Upcoming Events

The Art of Rebutal

Date : Wednesday, 20th September
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : Join us in this workshop to learn all the basics about debating. We will explore the ethical dimensions of debates and discussions; work on enhancing your listening skills; and learn how to construct effective rebuttals in debates.

Research and Argumentation Skills

Date : Wednesday, 27th September
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : Just like assignments, strong arguments require thorough research. In this workshop, we will practice building research-backed arguments as well as identifying and avoiding logical fallacies.

Debate Dome: Discourse meets tech

Date : Wednesday, 4th October
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : After polishing our preparation skills, we will now learn about the various strategies to enhance our persuasion skills. This workshop will cover rhetorical devices, logical reasoning, storytelling, and effective use of evidence.

Movie Day

Date : Wednesday, 11th October
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About :This Week, we are watching a fun, yet resourceful movie: The Great Debaters! Join us to gain a helpful perspective on debate competitions and the preperation that goes into it.
The drama based on the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College Texas. In 1935, he inspired students to form the school’s first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship.

Speaking Mastery

Date : Wednesday, 18th October
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : Debaters and public speakers are witted individuals who can think on their feet and come up with valid arguments on the spot. To help you deal with the pressure, this week’s workshop will focus on organising thoughts, delivering coherent responses and handling unexpected questions.

Speaker Series

Date : Wednesday, 27th October
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : Get ready to learn from experts in this week’s session! A guest speaker [to be specified] will join us to tell you all about their experience in public speaking and the most important tips to keep in mind. After the interview, you will get to interact with the speaker and ask them questions in our Q&A section.

Debate Competition

Date : Wednesday, 4th November
Time : 5pm – 6pm
About : We are finally there! A real debate competition! We will conclude our activities for this trimester with a formal, debate-like discussions on [topic TBD]. Join us to showcase your debating prowess, engage in constructive discourse and boost your intellectual growth.

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