Board Games Club

Board Games Club at Curtin University Dubai

Board games provide an opportunity for individuals to improve their concentration levels, help in reducing anxiety as well as serve as a great way to learn how to work in a team. The board games club was introduced with the aim to encourage students to destress and take time out to unwind on a regular basis while playing their favorite board game.

What can you expect?

  • Weekly board game hours
  • An opportunity to de-stress with your peers
  • Semester-wise competitions for club members
  • Wide variety of board games such as scrabble, chess, carrom, unos, snakes & ladders, Jenga, and more.




Our Mission

Providing students with an opportunity to de-stress while improving their focus.


Active Members

The Board Games Club has 10+ members participating in our sessions.

Access to brand new board games.

Participate in Competitions with your Peers.

Network with your peers.

Destress during our sessions.

Upcoming Events

Board Games Hour

Every Tuesday
Timing: 12 pm – 1 pm
Venue: Informal Learning Commons (11.10), Block 11, Curtin University Dubai

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