Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club at Curtin University Dubai

The Club aims to assist students in growing themselves and possibly their ideas into a tangible company. Members will have access to sessions where entrepreneurs share their stories and experiences and curated workshops.


Our Mission

To aid the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit within students.


Active Members

The entrepreneurship club has 30+ members participating actively. 

Hosting entrepreneurs to share their stories and experiences.

Workshops and Attend events.

Weekly Club Meetings.

Competitions and Challenges.

Upcoming Events

Meet your fellow entrepreneurs

Time: Sunday 11am to 12pm
Date: February 13th
About the Speaker: The club will be hosting Chelsea Ashley and Paul De Leon for them to tell us their stories about “Why they started their business?”, “How they started it?”, and “What did they do?” Etc.
This will be followed by a Q&A section where club members are free to ask questions and learn from their fellow entrepreneurs.

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