Finance Club

Finance Club at Curtin University Dubai

The Club is targeted towards those who are enthusiastic and excited about enriching their financial knowledge. Workshops, talks, events, and competitions will be carried out throughout the semester.

Our Mission

To create an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to gain financial literacy and learn about the importance of Investing.

Active Members

The Finance Club has 30+ members participating actively.

Workshops and Talks by Professionals.

Monthly meetings with Club Members to network and share ideas.

Competitions and events. Join to be part of Investor Challenge.

Upcoming Events

Club meeting

Time: Wednesday 4pm to 5pm
Date: February 9th
About the Event: The meeting will discuss Exchange-Traded Funds as well as Mutual funds and their different types. In addition to a comparison between the two. Lastly, the meeting will conclude by teaching members some basics in stock picking.

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