"Just A Thought" Writing Club

Writing Club at Curtin University Dubai

Why “Just A Thought”?
Just A Thought provides you with a platform to showcase your writing skills. You get the opportunity to write on whatever topic you love.

Activities Planned:

  • Writing contests every month
  • Contribute to Curtin Dubai’s student magazine and newsletter.
  • Receive support for your personal writing projects.
  • Write articles on any topic and have your work featured through University!
  • Future visits to book fairs and exhibitions throughout the year.


Our Mission

To create an opportunity for students to share their writing talent with the support of the club. 


Active Members

The Writing Club has 10+ members working actively towards various projects.

Showcase your Writing Skills

Monthly Writing Contests

Writing Support from Student Success Centre

Future visits to Book Exhibitions and Conferences

Upcoming Events

Weekly Club Meeting

Day/Time: Saturday – 4pm
About the Event: Finalizing roles for each member. Initiating work processes for each member for University’s magazine.

Event Gallery