Professor Arie van Riessen – Leading Physicist and Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin

An audience with

Arie Van Riessen

Curtin Dubai hosted Curtin Speaker Series Lecture featuring leading Physicist and Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin, Professor Arie van Riessen. He spoke on ‘Geopolymers and its path to commercialization’.

About the Speaker.

Professor Arie van Riessen specializes in materials microstructural analysis; he is currently chair of the Radiation Safety Committee at Curtin University, and part of the Geopolymer Research Group at the John de Laeter Centre. As a materials physicist, Professor Arie has researched Alumina-Zirconia Ceramics, minerals, and Geopolymers. In 2017, he also engaged with Emirates Global Alumina (EGA) to research the use of their potential by-products to manufacture Geopolymers that can result in a low carbon footprint and enhance resistance to fire and acids.

Student Feedback.

It was extremely helpful for us to know more about on-going research in micro-structures. Thanks to Curtin Dubai for hosting this session.