Student Spotlight – Talha Ashraf Syed

MBA Global

Talha Ashraf Syed, a student of Curtin Dubai, interned as a Sales and Operations Specialist at Tesla Dubai.

 During this time, Talha was part of a team closely involved with facilitating the registration process of cars before being handed over to buyers. The project’s forecast was to deliver over 1200 vehicles within 2 months, which was a record for Tesla Dubai itself.

This experience empowered him to grasp tasks with minimal training and challenging deadlines; highlighting the importance of determination, teamwork and hard work.

To guide fellow students applying for an internship, Talha shared his learnings below:

Always research the company and job requirements before attending an interview. It will impress the interviewers and make the transition to the company seamless.

Develop a good relationship with your superiors. They are there to help you with your tasks and make the recommendation to help convert your internship into a full-time job.

In case of doubts, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This will show everyone you are keen to learn and serious about your performance.