Surbhi Sachdev – Former Miss India Worldwide Runner up

An audience with

Surbhi Sachdev

Former Miss India Worldwide Runner up, Ms. Surbhi Sachdev addressed a packed Curtin lecture hall on ‘The Power of a Growth Mindset.’ Ms. Sachdev’s talk highlighted the importance of Confidence and Self-Motivation and was well received by students, faculty, and the larger community.

Her talk can be seen here.

About the Speaker.

An educator and a motivational speaker, Surbhi Sachdev has used her dynamic personality in order to host professional development programs for young audiences. In her years as former Miss India Worldwide Runner Up, she combined her love for the stage with being committed to motivate and train today’s generation to be achievers and leaders. She used her journey, passion, and life as an example to ignite students and professional audiences to develop a growth mindset and conquer their dreams without a second thought.

Student Feedback.

It was truly an amazing opportunity to meet Surbhi Sachdev. Her speech on growth mindset was inspiring and looking forward to joining more sessions.