Curtin Dubai Introduces Virtual Fitness and Wellbeing Initiative!

As Curtin Dubai students and staff moved to a completely virtual mode of studying and teaching online in March 2020, more and more of us have been spending increasing amounts of time confined within the four walls of our homes.

To provide the Curtin Dubai community with the opportunity to de – stress and stay fit within the safety of their homes, students, and staff at Curtin Dubai, got together to introduce a 5 month – long fitness and wellbeing initiative, virtually from May 2020 to September 2020.

This initiative focused on conducting weekly fitness sessions across different areas over Zoom Meetings, to help students and staff start their day on a positive note. This included morning stretching exercises, yoga sessions, and motivational sessions from our Wellbeing Counsellor.

During one of the weekly sessions, Curtin Dubai virtually welcomed certified yoga instructor, Jasmin Mampilli, who conducted a 30-minute session for the Curtin community and shared her experience on the benefits of wellness therapy yoga.

Stay tuned for more such initiatives from our Wellbeing and Curtin Life team.

For more information: [email protected]