Ms Methil Renuka – Managing Editor, Forbes Africa & Forbes Woman Africa

An audience with

Methil Renuka

Methil Renuka spoke about her experience as an editor and reporter of Forbes Africa. She also spoke at length about the challenges journalists face all around the world. She particularly stressed on the issues gender disparity creates in the business world.


Her talk can be seen again here


About the Speaker

Methil Renuka is the Managing Editor of Forbes Africa and Forbes Women Africa. She holds a Master in Communication and Journalism from the University of Calicut. She is passionate about development and gender issues. She travels all over Africa to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of Afro-optimism and the Africa Rising story.

Student Feedback

It was truly inspiring to meet a woman in a position of power. She spoke of the various challenges in the current environment for journalists anywhere in the world and the challenges of gender disparity in the business world. Her experience as an editor and reporter in Africa motivated me to continue chasing my dreams even in the face of difficulties.