Shubhankar Sharma – Pro Golfer | Sportsman

An audience with

Shubhankar Sharma

Shubhankar Sharma told us his story of becoming a Pro-Golfer and all the struggles he  faced during his travels. He spoke his life before and after become a Pro-Golfer. It was an inspiring session that highlighted the success that one will get when they follow their dreams.

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About the Speaker.

Shubhankar Sharma is a professional golfer from India. In December 2017, he recorded his first tour win in the Joburg Open and followed this with a second win at the Maybank Championship in February 2018. He is the first golfer in India who has won two championships. He is in the top 9 for the championship category. 



Student Feedback.

It was truly an amazing opportunity to meet one of the world’s top 10 Pro-golfer, Shubankar Sharma. He shared his journey as a Golfer and his experiences all around the world. We understood what it takes to reach greater heights. His motivating words inspired us to chase our dreams. Thanks to Curtin Dubai for hosting this speaker series.